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Environmental Policy


The correct understanding, adoption, implementation and supervision of health, safety and environmental (HSE) standards is the primary duty of all employees.


The applicable laws, regulations and standards will be strictly followed.


All risks arising as a result of our activities will be identified and efforts will be made to reduce these risks to acceptable levels.


It shall continuously supervise the system and activities it has established and shall keep it open for inspection by the related parties.


A healthy, safe and clean working environment will be provided to our employees


All applicable laws and regulations regarding Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Protection will be complied with.


Risks for environmental emergencies will be identified and actions will be taken to reduce them.


The company will provide the necessary human, technology and financial resources for efficient use of energy and to reduce our environmental impact.


All necessary works will be carried out in order to reduce the negative impacts of our cable production activities on the environment, to use energy at an optimum level, to prevent pollution while still at the source and to minimize the waste.


Waste disposal will be carried out within the framework of legal regulations and all solid, liquid and gas wastes will be kept under control.


It will effectively implement the requirements of the ISO 14001 Environmental Certificate and ensure its continuity.


ÇARKIT and OCS Cable adopt a management system based on the principles of continuous improvement and undertakes to realize it.